Training, a key asset

Well trained staff for first class service ! Pilots but also stewards and stewardesses, aviation maintenance technicians, runway and other staff in the air transport chain (airport staff, senders, forwarding agents, CCI, etc.) are trained at the ICARE training centre based in Morlaix in the county of Finistère. This Air France Group subsidiary, which is reputed both in Europe and at a worldwide level for its excellence, trains its own staff as well as a number of client companies. What are Icare’s key assets? Cutting-edge technology, continual access to training tools thanks to preventive maintenance and attentive staff enable us to customize the training. Excellent flight simulators rank also as one of our main assets. Total similarity between the flight simulator and the actual airplane is required for a simulator to be granted a D-level certification by the French Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC). From the cockpit to the runway and flight sensations the trainee will experience exactly the same conditions as in a real airplane. Highly performing computers enable all possible situations to be simulated and the mapping of all airports to be replicated. Thanks to an exact reconstitution of all elements over an area of 35 kilometres surrounding the runways, each client feels “at home”. Crews are trained to react to all situations thanks to a catalogue of special or emergency situations even if there is very little chance that they will face them during their careers. Accessible 24 hours a day, the simulator enables an action to be frozen in order to analyze potential errors or start the exercise over again, thereby enabling high quality training.

This, combined with a service of exemplary quality, enables ICARE to train the staff from 80 companies, of 37 different nationalities which amounts to a total average of 4 000 trainees per year.
You too can benefit from all this by choosing ICARE for your aviation training. Its educational tools, alongside with its know-how and service quality will very quickly bring you to the highest performance level in the best safety conditions.

Should you be interested by the ICARE training scheme for your teams, you can get additional information by contacting the sales department - at the following email address : or by mail at the address below:

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