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In Toulouse, « Je vois la ville en rose »

Both modern and proud of the legacy of its past, Toulouse, the Pink City, exudes joy of living and gusto. And if, in its historic streets, you see a lion ... do not panic! This is just the mascot of the city’s rugby team, the Stade Toulousain, celebrating yet another victory.

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19 times Champion of France the city’s professional club, “Stade Toulousain” , was born in 1907.

Its players wear their famous red and black jersey and carry proudly the values of rugby that have rubbed off on the citizens of Toulouse.
This is why they never fail to celebrate their heroes.

And they are also proud of their emblem, an S and a T intertwined, faithful copy of the symbol of Saint Thomas which can be found in the Basilica of Saint-Sernin.


The healthy economy of the city and its urban area is mainly related to the high-tech industries located in Toulouse, a city with a long history of aeronautics.

Toulouse, the European Capital of Aeronautics and Space, together with Hamburg (Germany), is one of the two European centers selected by Airbus for the design, assembly and testing of its line of civilian aircraft, the successful AXXX, including the largest A380 and the most recent A350.

The assembly factory is located west of Toulouse, on the communes of Saint-Martin-du-Touch and of neighboring Blagnac.


The Natural History Museum of Toulouse has one of the largest collections of animals in France, with more than 2 million pieces.

From the first step into the lobby of the museum, you will be surprised by the huge skeleton of Quetzalcoatlus with its wings outspread above your head.

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