The airline your pet will love!

Our four-legged friends should also get to travel comfortably!


I just want my dog to be comfortable

Keep him with you! You may keep your dog or cat weighing less than 8 kg (including the travel container) with you in the cabin, as well as assistance dogs of any weight.

New! You can add the in-cabin pet option(1)(2) when you buy your ticket or at least 2 hours before your departure in the manage my reservation section.

The one-way ticket fare is €40 for flights within continental France and €55 within the rest of Europe

General terms and conditions of the in-cabin pet option 

(1) This does not concern the assistance animals who must be booked from Saphir service.
(2)To note : reservation is not possible on our mobile website, please use a computer.

Your pet must travel in a flexible bag, provided by you, approved for air transport, recommended dimensions : 46 X 28 X 24 cm. He must remain in his bag, placed at your feet, during the whole flight.

For safety reasons, animal crates are no longer accepted in the cabin, whatever their size.


Snub-nosed animals require special attention, and some animals may not be allowed to travel at all : find out more.

Just because it’s bigger, it doesn’t need any less attention!  

Print the mandatory form "Conditions for transporting a dog or cat in the hold"

Carefully prepare for the transport of your pet and keep in mind the following conditions.

The travel container you provide must have a fiberglass or rigid plastic “shell” with at least two door-closing systems.


  • On ATRs, CRJs and Embraers, the travel container must not exceed 102 x 67 x 77 cm and 65 kg (including the animal).
  • On Airbus aircraft, the travel container must not exceed 122 x 82 x 89 cm and 75 kg (including the animal).

The one-way ticket fare is €80 each for flights within continental France and €100 withing the rest of Europe, only payable at the airport.

To ensure its comfort, your pet will not be accepted on board if its travel container does not comply with the above-mentionned criteria. 

Go to the Air France Shopping website to purchase the right, compliant travel container for your pet.

Snub-nosed animals require special attention, and some animals may not be allowed to travel at all: find out more.


To make sure everything goes smoothly for my pet and me

Travelling with your pet is easy!

Make your own booking on our website, then call us to book your pet’s trip. At the airport, be at the check-in counter at least one hour before your flight.

The animal’s vaccination booklet must be shown when checking in.

Your animal must be tattooed or microchipped.


Animals travel better when they had been a bit active before. Make sure it lightly exercises before leaving home.

Place it in an enclosed, ventilated travel container that allows it to stand up and turn around.

Whether it is travelling in the cabin or the hold, we urge you to consult a pet shop or a veterinarian in advance to obtain a suitable and compliant travel container.


For its well-being and its health, you must consult your veterinarian before travelling by plane with your pet.