Are you travelling with all your friends?
No worries!

Are there many of you? No problem! HOP! offers tailor-made solutions. 


Are you all together in the same plane?

Are there at least ten of you? Are you travelling for a holiday, business trip, sports event or cultural visit?

With HOP!, you can enjoy special pricing and a bespoke service for all our destinations

  • A price negotiated today for all passengers, whatever your date of departure,
  • Special deadlines, with the advantage of being able to send the list of travellers up to 30 days before departure and finalise your payment just 20 days before take-off,
  • Dedicated points-of-contact: our team of advisors is there to support you every step of the way, from setting up your account to any changes you want to make (adding or deleting tickets, luggage, etc.).

Are you a travel agency? Place your request on AgentConnectbiz, in the group sales section. 



Have you made your decision? Place your booking now!


We will then draw up a quote as quickly as possible!


With the payment solution ShareGroop, each person can pay their share online and therefore enjoy their credit card’s insurance conditions.


Whether you are a professional or an individual, HOP! can operate on-demand flights for you throughout France and Europe with its expertise.

Through its fleet and strategic locations in local regions, the airline can offer a wide variety of on-demand flight paths, whether incentive or sport-related (transporting teams).


Responsive and effective, the ‘Flights on Demand’ service offered by HOP! can launch a special flight very quickly.


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