Travelling with children

Are you travelling as a family or clan?

HOP! offers services that are tailored to everyone!


Family & Clan Fares

When you travel with a child, you can enjoy the special Family or Clan fare for the whole trip in France:



  • With a child under 12 years: up to 4 adults can enjoy the special Family fare, without any kinship being necessary.
  • With a youngster aged 12 to 24 years: only the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents can enjoy the special Family fare. You will be asked for a supporting document at the airport: a family record book or an official certificate stating filiation.


This fare can be modified or reimbursed for an extra fee.


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For an adventure with peace of mind

Any child aged between 2 and 11 years who is travelling accompanied gets a discount (outside of special offers):

► 15% off flights in France.

► 33% off flights in Europe.

Your child can also travel alone from the age of 4 years (5 years on flights in Europe) through our Kids Solo service.


Make your trip with your baby a pleasant experience!

If he is less than 2 years old, baby will travel on your lap. 

  • For your comfort and your baby’s comfort too, you can book a seat for a child’s fare ;  in that case, baby must be installed in an approved car seat,provided by you.
  • If your child is celebrating their second birthday during the trip, they get a child discount on all flights. The baby discount does not apply in this case but they get a seat like grown-ups!
  • An adult may travel with two babies (under two years old) but one of the two babies must be seated in an individual seat for a child’s fare, and must be installed in an approved car seat, provided by you. 

In all three of these cases, please contact us.


  • It is not recommended to travel with a baby in the seven first days following the birth. 
  • If your baby has a cold, you should avoid travelling. 
  • We recommended bringing milk bottles and enough food, as well as all items needed for changing your baby. Contrary to liquids, which are regulated, nutrition for babies is allowed on board.
  • If your child is following a course of medical treatment or suffers from travel sickness, remember to bring their medication and health record booklet. If your baby has a cold, you should avoid travelling.
  • At take-off and landing, give your baby a dummy, milk bottle or biscuit, which will prevent their eardrums from hurting.
  • Make sure they drink a lot.
  • Our on-board personnel will be able to heat up their milk bottle using hot water if need be (there are no microwaves on board).

Pregnant women:

Are you expecting? That should not stop you from travelling! Here is some information and advice for getting ready for your trip with peace of mind:

  • No medical certificate is required for travelling on HOP! flights, but a doctor’s note is recommended.
  • Avoid travelling from the 37th week of pregnancy and in the seven days following the birth.


Babies and children: Getting ready for your departure

Identity documents: each passenger (even babies) should hold valid proof of identity when travelling (a national identity card or a passport).

Be careful!

Children travelling alone or not accompanied by a parent (or legal representative) outside of France should hold an authorisation to leave the country. Please read the Formalities page for more information.


Each passenger is allowed to carry a cabin bag weighing no more than 12 kg (dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm), whatever their ticket.

Good to know!
A folding pushchair can replace the child’s cabin bag if it is no larger than 55 x 35 x 25 cm.
For security reasons, certain airports may refuse to let pushchairs into boarding areas.


  • The Family or Clan fare includes an item of luggage weighing no more than 23 kg for adults or for children aged two years or more.

Other fares are listed here.

  • A baby is allowed an item of luggage weighing no more than 10 kg (except for LIGHT! fares, for which luggage must be paid for).
  • With HOP!, you can travel with a pushchair and car seat in the hold for free.

Please read the bagages page for more information.