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Download a wide range of French and international newspapers and magazines.








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Download the 
Air France Play application

for free on your smartphone or tablet.


Within 30 hours of your flight departure time,

sign in with your 

booking number or Flying Blue card number to download your newspapers and magazines.



Browse through your selection of newspapers and magazines,

and listen to your music,

with or without an internet connection,
before, during and after your flight.



► Flying Blue Platinum, Gold and Silver clients: unlimited downloads of daily newspapers and magazines.

► Discount Passholder and Flying Blue Explorer clients: 4 daily newspapers + 4 magazines.

► Non Flying Blue clients: 2 daily newspapers + 2 magazines.

You don’t have a booking? You can still download our Air France Magazine and Air France Madame publications for free.



► Download daily newspapers on the day of your flight to get the very latest issues.