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The capital of the Gier!

Saint-Chamond is the capital of the Gier and the third-largest town in the Loire department.
It was well-known for its lace-making industry in the 19th century and was run for many years by Antoine Pinay, an influential political figure.

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Saint-Chamond boasts a rich historical heritage including classified buildings and buildings listed as historic monuments, such as the House of Canons and the former Hôtel Dieu hospital.


The town offers a busy sporting schedule thanks to a diverse ecosystem of sports associations.
Its Sport’Anim pass gives its inhabitants access to a whole range of sports throughout the year.
Saint-Chamond has several sports teams competing at the highest levels, such as Saint-Chamond Basket and L’Entente Saint-Chamond Volley.


Saint-Chamond is geographically advantaged as it is located mid-way between Lyon and Saint-Etienne via the  A47 motorway and less than 3 hours from Paris by high-speed train.
Until the end of the 1980s, the town’s economy was dominated by the metal industry and the foundries and steelworks of La Compagnie des Forges et Aciéries de la Marine et d'Homécourt.
Today the town boasts business hubs and industrial parks with thriving industrial activities, technology plants and service industries; they include the STELYTEC business park and the Varizelle industrial development zone.


Saint-Chamond offers a wide range of cultural events for schoolchildren and the general public. 
Every year it hosts the Fête de la Science in partnership with the local centre of scientific, technical and industrial culture as well as local associations.
Meanwhile, music lovers will always find something to suit their tastes as the town hosts the Rue des Artistes festival in June and the Rhino Jazz festival in October.

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