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Rouen, the museum city!

Rouen, a city through which the River Seine runs, is Normandy’s capital and offers a wealth of discoveries.

From the Joan of Arc Historial to the street art that was given pride of place in 2016 for the Normandy Impressionist Festival, follow in Claude Monet’s footsteps up to the cathedral and leisurely wander the city’s pedestrianised streets lined with half-timbered houses.

The city is also the birthplace of Thomas Pesquet, the famous astronaut!

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Each year, Rouen hosts the Saint-Romain funfair on the Esplanade Saint-Gervais. It is the second-biggest funfair in France, after the Foire du Trône. The next edition will take place from 19 October to 18 November 2018.


Rouen’s Notre-Dame Cathedral, built with stone and chalk like many churches in Normandy, is nestled in the city’s historic heart, just opposite the tourist information centre.

The edifice inspired around thirty paintings by Monet and other impressionists.

Reaching a height of 151 metres, its lantern tower is the tallest in France and the second-highest in the world.

Each year, a show of sounds and lights projected onto the cathedral can be enjoyed.

Since 2003, the world’s largest sailing ships have gathered at Rouen’s quaysides for the Armada festival, which was previously called Voiles de la Liberté, Armada de la Liberté and Armada du Siècle.

The city’s best-known cultural venue is Opéra de Rouen Normandie, an opera house, which can host an audience of up to 1,350 people.


Today, Rouen is France’s fifth-biggest port and Europe’s twenty-eight-largest in terms of traffic.

Since the Middle Ages, the port has played a very important role in the city’s economic life due to its location between Paris and the sea.

In 2014, Rouen welcomed over 40,000 riverboat-cruise travellers and more than 20,000 cruise-liner tourists.


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