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Rennes is a must for exploring the region of Brittany, a region with a strong cultural identity. It is an ideal destination for a weekend family getaway.

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Discover the major monuments and architecture of the capital of Brittany.

The impressive tall half-timbered houses, spared by the fire in 1720 which destroyed more than 900 buildings, testify to the splendour of the medieval town.
The Parliament of Brittany is Rennes's iconic building.

After the 1994 fire, five years of rebuilding have restored this impressive 17th century building. Make sure you include this visit for your stay in Rennes.


The urban area is organized as a "City archipelago" of 750,000 inhabitants and is one of the most dynamic of France.

The Valorial research cluster is one of the most important sites of European research and agribusiness development.

The automobile plants are dedicated to high-end production and they represent approximately 7,000 jobs.

Rennes is also the essential part of the cluster "Media and Networks", with the Atalante technology centre, which hosts nearly 300 companies employing over 17,000 employees.


Enrich your stay in Rennes with the discovery of exceptional sites such as Brocéliande forest, the legendary forest of King Arthur, Merlin and Viviane.

Extend your stay north toward Saint-Malo, city of the pirates which has fiercely defended its independence for centuries and is protected by remarkable ramparts.

You may also elect to head south and discover Redon and the lower valley of the River Oust.

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