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Hundred towers and a hundred steeples

Prague does not usurp the title of "mother of all cities" nor the registration of its historic centre on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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Prague has so many monuments that your choice will be hard to make.

Your visit should start with Prague Castle, the largest medieval castle in Europe. In fact it is more a monumental complex of palaces, buildings, administrative, fortifications dating from all periods, starting with the middle Ages.

Then, head for Charles Bridge, and continue to the medieval centre of Prague. There you should visit the Old Town Hall, associated with the most significant events in the country’s history.


The early 21st century has been very favourable to the Czech Republic and to Prague, which rises now to the level of 5th urban area in Europe in terms of GDP per capita.

Prague produces 25% of the country's GDP, making the city the spearhead of the Czech economy.

The rapid development of the city has earned it to be considered one of the most conducive to innovation and the first in Central Europe.


Prague is not only a "museum city", but a city and museums. You will find the monumental neo-Renaissance building of the National Museum at the upper end of Wenceslas Square with its impressive collection of works from various fields of human activity.

Do not miss the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, it holds a vast collection of works of art gathered since the reign of Rudolf II, the big lover of art, who made Prague the cultural centre of Europe at his time.

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