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Poitiers, Romanic and Scholarly

Poitiers is the perfect blend of a prestigious ancient heritage and of remarkable contemporary buildings.

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The label "City of Art and History" has been attributed to Poitiers in 1985 as there are many heritage treasures in the city.

Start your discovery by the many details that contribute to the charm and to the character of this town: the picturesque streets of the city and the half-timbered houses.

Then, stroll along "rue de la Chaîne", a street lined with old houses dating from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century.


At the crossroads of many communication links, Grand Poitiers intends to capitalize on its geographical location and the excellence of its academic institutions to attract new investments.

The city has a University whose prestige is a major factor of attractiveness.

Futuroscope, with about 2 million visitors per year, provides additional recognition to this metropolis. It is the second theme park in France in terms of attendance since its opening.


During your stay in Poitiers, enjoy one of the 3,000 annual shows offered in the city.

Located in the heart of the City, the Auditorium Theatre whose architecture is signed Carrilho Da Graça, is the largest cultural institution in the city. The theatre has a capacity of 700 seats, the auditorium 1020 seats. They host the National Theatre's cultural season.

Visit the museum "Sainte-Croix" (Holy Cross), which keeps in its Fine Arts section, the second largest collection in France of sculptures by Camille Claudel.

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