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At the heart of a Toulouse-Montpellier-Barcelona triangle, the city of Perpignan reveals treasures of friendliness and charm. We can see here a large forthcoming metropolis across country borders, a strong link between France and Spain.

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Located in the heart of Perpignan, the Palace of the Kings of Majorca, built in the 13th century, has been for nearly a century the centre of the ephemeral kingdom of Majorca.

For Holy Week, the Palace is the witness of the Procession of the Penitents, according to a ritual remaining unchanged for over 6 centuries.
Their long hoods pointing to the sky, the penitents dressed in long red or black robes called "caperutxa" are walking in silent processions. Some wear the "Misteris" recounting the various scenes of the Passion of Jesus-Christ.


With a mild climate and a unique environment, Perpignan is one of the most attractive cities in France.

500 companies are located in the economic centre of St. Charles, where the extension of the combined transport platform has been completed.

Barcelona is at only 50 minutes by TGV from the city. With the extension of the TGV and the commissioning of the new railway station, a place that Salvador Dali called the "centre of the world", the ambition is to build a cross-border metropolis with Narbonne and Girona in Spain.


Rugby League or Rugby Union, Perpignan is Rugby.

The city is represented by the USAP Rugby Union club, it plays in the French Top 14 and wears the iconic blood and gold colours of Catalonia. The club won the French Top 14 championship title in 2009.

In rugby league, the team “Catalans Dragons” of Perpignan is the only French team to be in Super League, having thus the opportunity to meet English or Welsh clubs.

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