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A gateway to the Pyrenees

Pau has an exceptional panorama of the Pyrenees. A mosaic of forests and flowering meadows, lakes and waterfalls, the Pyrenees are a must for hiking.

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In Pau, you can find all kind of sports:

Water: try yourself at kayaking, at the white-water stadium, built in the heart of the city, on the banks of the Gave de Pau.

Air: Pau has a rich legacy of aviation; you will find six skydiving schools from beginners to advanced.

Land: while you are in Pau, take the opportunity to learn the game of pelota. The game is played in several variants, bare handed, or with a wooden racket, or with a chistera (a basket strapped to the wrist). Since 2006 a stadium is dedicated to this sport.


After Stockholm and Milan, Pau is the 3rd city in Europe having developed a fibre optics broadband network.

This network has encouraged the creation of French and foreign companies specialized in imaging, or online design services in the urban area.


Henri IV Castle, with 100,000 visitors per year, is one of the most visited in France. On this location, you will find: a medieval fortress, a Renaissance palace, a royal residence and a museum.

Bernadotte Museum offers a fine example of Bearn architecture. On two floors, through paintings, sculptures and objects, the museum collection traces the raise of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, born in Pau, from the rank of officer in Napoleon's army to the prestigious title of King of Sweden and Norway.

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