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Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second-largest city, after Munich. It is also the capital of the historical province of Franconia. World-renowned for its international toy fair and Christmas market, the city recounts 900 years of history with its Gothic churches of St. Lorenz and St. Sebaldus, which house magnificent works of art.

Remember not to leave the city without savouring its famous gingerbread at Hauptmarkt square.

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Cultural heritage

Nuremburg offers visitors a wealth of cultural heritage.

Its castle is an unmissable place to visit: it symbolises the city and is one of Germany’s largest fortresses. For five centuries, the edifice hosted Holy Roman Emperors!

Another important site is St. Lorenz church.

Painting lovers can also visit the house of Albrecht Dürer


Nuremburg is renowned for its Franconian cuisine, its Nürnberger Bratwürst sausage and its Lebkuchen gingerbread.



FC Nürnberg is the city’s leading football club, founded in 1900.

The club performed especially well in the 1920s, when it won five of its nine league titles in Germany’s top tier.

The last major trophy it won was the 2007 German Cup.

Today, the team plays in the Bundesliga second division.


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