HOP!-REGIONAL and HOP!-BRIT AIR, founding companies of HOP!, have the advantage of being both maintenance centres and air flight companies.

Clients can thus benefit from the experience of both companies and from customized solutions adapted to their operational needs with performance and cost management objectives.

Their expertise is well recognised and ranges from full support guaranteeing identical treatment for all aircraft in their fleet to dedicated services adapted to their clients’ needs (urgent repairs with access to technicians and equipment, consulting services, training, renting of engines)


With a fleet of 20 Embraer ERJs and 26 EJET 170 /190s, HOP!-REGIONAL is the leading operator of Embraer in Europe. Thanks to 14 years of experience as operator and services provider, HOP!-REGIONAL became an Embraer Authorized Service Centre in 2011. Moreover, HOP!-REGIONAL obtained the Part 145 authorisation for the ATR in 2008 and is currently developing the Airlinair ATR fleet support.


Drawing on its experience, the company has offered, since 2007, its services to other air flight companies for the maintenance of their Embraer aircraft (ERJ and E-Jets).
With constantly growing revenues, HOP!-REGIONAL Maintenance Centre is developing its clients' portfolio around the world for various kinds of support.


Since 2001 HOP!-REGIONAL has been carrying out the maintenance of its fleets on its Clermont-Ferrand air base for major maintenance and on its Lille air base for minor maintenance. This service has over 500 employees, including around a hundred ground-handling technicians.

Clermont-Ferrand: Depot: 6,500 sq m / Workshops: 1,700 sq m / Shops: 1,550 sq m / Offices: 3200 sq m

Lille: Depot and workshops: 3,600 sq m / Shops and offices : 700 sq m

One-roof service
For the Embraer and ATR fleets. PART 145 authorisation
PART 147 authorisation
PART 21 authorisation (Cabin and structure)
Part M authorisation - Subpart G and Subpart I
Logistic support (AOG Desk)


For additional information, please visit:
Or contact
Maintenance Services: ZI Aéronautique Sud
149, avenue du Brézet
63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France
Tel: +33 4 73 60 13 61 or +33 4 73 60 13 82 or +33 4 73 60 12 01

AOG Desk:
Tel: +33 4 73 60 12 04

Sales Department:
Tel: +33 4 73 60 12 01


BRIT AIR has been operating a fleet exclusively composed of Bombardier Canadair Regional Jets (CRJ) for 10 years. HOP!-BRIT AIR was the first company to acquire the CRJ 700 and the CRJ 1000, and this experience provides HOP!-BRIT AIR with full expertise of CRJ aircraft. The operating of an ATR fleet until the 2000s makes HOP!-BRIT AIR a multi-skilled expert within HOP!


Adaptation, reactivity, experience of CRJs’ and ATRs’ heavy maintenance, good management of processes and costs…All these assets account for the ability of HOP!-BRIT AIR to answer the requirements of third-party air flight companies and operators.
Its know-how is reputed and makes the difference in a highly competitive international environment.

Third party clients regularly trust HOP!-BRIT AIR. The air flight company collaborates with African companies of the Aga Khan Group (Air Uganda, Air Mali and Air Burkina) for the maintenance of their CRJs and the practical training of its technicians, with Tunisair Express for the maintenance of its CRJ900 fleet, as well as with other operators of CRJ fleet.

For one year, HOP!-BRIT AIR has also been carrying out the maintenance of some of the HOP!-AIRLINAIR ATR 42 and 72.


The maintenance teams of our subsidiary HOP!-BRIT AIR have over 280 employees based in Morlaix (main maintenance base), Lyon (Lyon Maintenance subsidiary) and in 9 airport bases in France and Europe.

The main maintenance activities of HOP!-BRIT AIR are carried out in Morlaix (France, Finistère).
All the teams contribute to a full-range service chain guaranteeing performance, security and cost management objectives serving both a national and international client base: the technical department with its engineering (maintenance programmes, structures, avionics, systems…); the major maintenance department with its engineers, technicians, mechanics, planners and assistants; the specialised workshops (engines, wheels and brakes, boilerwork, painting, …); and also the logistic department.
Capacity: Part 145, Part M

The Lyon maintenance subsidiary was launched to enhance the activity of HOP!-BRIT AIR on the HOP! Lyon hub and is a key asset for the company. It allows an optimal and efficient service with regards to the minor maintenance of the whole fleet.
In addition to ensuring the maintenance of aircraft passing through or based in Lyon, Lyon Maintenance is a logistics centre maximising the distribution of spare parts across the HOP!-BRIT AIR network.
Lyon Maintenance has been authorised since its creation by the Civil Aviation Authorities and holds a Part 145 agreement to carry out all airport maintenance activities.


For any additional information, please contact:
HOP!-BRITAIR - Maintenance Department
29679 Morlaix Cedex, France
Tel: +33 2 98 63 36 or +33 2 98 63 62 09

Tel: +33 2 98 63 63 28

Maintenance Department:
Tel: +33 2 98 63 62 09