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The little Grand Duchy!

Bordered by Germany, Belgium and France, Luxembourg is easily the EU’s most European country. Three languages are spoken there, and its cultural and natural wealth offers lots of opportunities for exploration.

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There is much to see in multi-faceted Luxembourg, even beyond its capital city. The country has four regions: Ardennes, “Little Switzerland”, Moselle and the Red Rock, which all offer a multitude of landscapes and fun things to do for all travellers and tastes.


Luxembourg’s economy is based mainly on the finance and banking sectors.
The presence of a large number of multinational companies contributes to its strong economy, as does the government’s policy to develop the broadcasting and communications sectors.


Cinema, literature, museums and shows… Luxembourg’s cultural life is like the country itself: cosmopolitan!
The Festival de Wiltz, for example, offers theatre and music to appreciative crowds.

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