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Five harbours for a city

In this land of seafarers and sailors, water sports are omnipresent. In Lorient and neighboring villages and cities, Celtic festivals called "festou noz" provide a convivial and festive atmosphere.

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During the first half of August, the Celtic Festival of Lorient gathers the representatives of Celtic culture from all over the world.

From Canada to Australia, they are all there to attend this unique festival. More than 200 events, including many free concerts will delight participants and tourists during the ten days of the Festival. And the party does not stop there, as many “fest-noz” are organized throughout the year in various towns around Lorient.


Seaward, come and discover plenty of unique landscapes: the inner sea of Gâvres is a natural paradise surrounded by dunes of the peninsula.

The Island of Groix is an undisputed jewel, just 45 minutes from Lorient.

Inland, the green valleys of Blavet and Scorff Laïta offer a wide range of outdoor activities. Hennebont and Pont-Scorff are 2 towns of character, and Port Louis is a delightful craftsmen village.


The former navy submarine base in Lorient, now converted, is a site where one can see maxi-catamarans and other giants of the sea moored to pontoons.

Nearly fifty renowned skippers and crews have thus chosen the harbour of Lorient to prepare for their long sailing races on the world oceans.

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