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An Old Harbour, a city turned to the future

At the heart of the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle has managed to turn its maritime character into a valuable asset for economic development, tourism and culture.

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The old town, just behind the harbour, is extensive and also very well preserved and restored, dating mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The main shopping streets especially have many fine buildings, but you will also want to explore the side streets in this part of the town.

The town has an impressive unified appearance, with arcaded streets, houses constructed in the local light stone.
Boutiques now occupy the ground floor of many of the buildings.


Tourism and shipbuilding are figureheads of the economy in La Rochelle and have positioned the city as one of the most dynamic and attractive in France.

The port of La Rochelle is the first French harbour for the import of timber and wood pulp and is the second for the export of grain.

The history of yacht building in La Rochelle started in the 1960s, but the industry took off really in the 1970s.
Yachts built in La Rochelle have an excellent reputation and sail the widest oceans.


The historic center of La Rochelle will reveal to the visitor many architectural treasures.

All periods are represented, with medieval arcaded streets, Renaissance buildings such as the City Hall, the eighteenth century mansions of the rich ship owners.
They have survived the destruction of the enclosure after the siege in 1628 by the armies of Richelieu. They remain as the image of the city.

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