I can take the plane as easily as I take a bus!

The Shuttle offers you freedom, speed and simplicity.


I can squeeze my flight
in between two meetings

In a hurry or just impatient ? With the Shuttle, you may enjoy flights every hour and even every half hour at peak time.*

The Shuttle now offers five routes connecting Paris-Orly to Toulouse, Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and Montpellier, more flights at peak time, and up to 25 daily return flights.

*Between 6 am and 9:30 am and between 5pm and 9 pm.


I board
and then take off

Get on board almost as soon as you’ve reached the airport!

A fully automatic and digital path takes you to the Shuttle boarding gate with just 30 minutes* of arrival at the airport (if you choose this option).


Get your boarding pass online and flash it directly from your smartphone.

If you are a SkyPriority passenger you can make it to your gate in as little as 20 minutes.*

All Shuttle planes leave from the same terminal and all feature jet-bridge access.



*In the case of passengers travelling with a carry-on bag only.


With my Discount Pass : I changed my ticket
to get back home earlier

Running early? Or late?

That’s easy! Your Discount Pass fare allows you take either the previous flight or the next one, free of charge. 


Change flight at any time, 

Using the interactive kiosks or at the check-in counter.


A different price for each occasion

With rates starting from € 50*, 

Whenever you want or need to travel.



*IAT Price starting from 50 euros one way, non-refundable and non-modifiable, subject to availability on non-stop flights for tickets purchased at least 40 days prior to departure. Variable fees apply to checked baggage.