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My suitcase and I are inseparable!

A carry-on bag is simply a piece of luggage that you take on board the plane with you.

You may carry on your bag with you if it is no larger than the following dimensions: 55x35x25 cm.

In addition, you may take one personal item (handbag, laptop computer, etc.). Everything together must weigh no more than 12 kg. A garment bag is considered to be one carry-on item.

Infants (younger than two years) are also entitled to one carry-on item each. To find out more, go to Travelling with children.


Keep in mind:
As you are boarding, one of our gate agents may stick a green label on your carry-on item even if it falls within the maximum authorised dimensions. The reason for this is that space in the overhead bins varies depending in the type of aircraft. You will be asked to gate-check your green-labelled bag so it can be placed in the hold. After landing you may retrieve it as you are disembarking.

Make sure you do not leave your bags unattended from the time you pack until you gate-check them. If they have a locking mechanism, it must be intact.


You may have liquids in your carry-on bag on the following conditions

  • Containers must be placed in a clear, sealed plastic bag,
  • Each container in the bag must not exceed 100 ml;
  • The volume of the bag must not exceed 1 litre;
  • The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 20 x 20 cm.

Medicinal liquids (insulin, syrups, etc.) are allowed as long as you have a prescription or an accompanying note from your doctor in your name.

Baby foods are allowed without any restriction.

Electronic cigarettes and their spare batteries are allowed as carry-on baggage but may not be used and/or recharged on board the aircraft. You may not carry them in your checked baggage.

Medical devices: If you travel with a special medical device, such as a pacemaker, prosthesis, or other device, security inspection personnel may ask you to show a document such as a medical certificate or a prescription in your name.

For your safety, some articles are strictly banned on board. If they are found during inspection they will be confiscated. Go here for a list of prohibited or regulated products.


My suitcase is
in good hands

Baggage that you check will be well cared for in the baggage hold.

A standard bag must not exceed 23 kg and 158 cm (length + height + width).

Does my ticket include a free checked bag?

The number of bags that you can transport free of charge depends on your fare class and your Flying Blue status.

  • Are you travelling at a light fare? Your checked baggage is not included in your fare.
  • Are you holding a Youth, Senior, Family, standard or Flex ticket? Your checked bag is included in your fare.
  • Are you Flying Blue Elite or Elite Plus? You are allowed an additional checked bag.

Travelling with an infant?

If you fare includes a checked bag, your infant younger than two years is also entitled to a 10 kg bag in the hold. Go to Travelling with children for more information.

Need to travel with an additional bag? Purchase an additional baggage allowance online and get a 20% discount!

You may buy the baggage option when booking your ticket. If you already have your ticket, go to manage my reservation.

  • As low as €15 for the first additional bag
  • €45 beginning with the second additional bag.


You may purchase your supplement up to one hour prior to departure. If you buy your ticket at a travel agency, remember to fill in your email address before purchasing the baggage option.

The baggage option is priced as low as €35 if you purchase it at the airport for the first additional bag and as low as €70 from the second additional bag.

Keep in mind: With Explorer Now!, get a €5 discount on the first additional checked bag. Feel free to bring one, two or three additional outfits with you! Find out more about the Flying Blue programme.

  • Are you a member of the Flying Blue Golf club? You are allowed to check a golf bag free of charge as long as it holds only golf equipment, in addition to your normal checked baggage. To claim this benefit, go to the Flying Blue Golf website.
  • Electronic cigarettes and their spare batteries are not allowed in checked baggage. You may carry them in your carry-on baggage, but you may not use or recharge them on board the aircraft.

Any more questions?