HOP! is now mobile

HOP! is now at your side, wherever you are !

Access the entire website on your mobile phone or tablet. Book your ticket, use our services, view flight schedules, do whatever you want!
And with HOP!’s Le Kiosque app, take your newspaper on board with you!

Hop!’s Le Kiosque app

Catch up on regional French news during your flight !


HOP!’s Le Kiosque app offers 47 French regional daily newspapers on your tablet to read before, during and after your flight.
Keep up with the news even when you’re up in the sky!

►Download the iPad app

►Download the app for Android tablets

Directions for use

Do you have a HOP! ticket?
Download French regional daily newspapers free of charge to read them at any time on your tablet.

An extra tip: download your newspaper(s) at home up to 24 hours before your flight using your reservation number. It’s faster that way.
Once you have downloaded them, view your newspapers whenever you wish, even without an internet connection. Now that’s front page news!

Hop application le kiosque
Hop! site mobile


HOP! has landed on your Smartphone! Stay connected with HOP! From the time you buy your ticket till you get on board, do everything on your mobile phone at m.hop.com


Your next flight is just a few clicks away on your mobile phone!
Looking for a simple, fast and intuitive tool to buy plane tickets? All of HOP!’s destinations are available on your mobile device. Payment by bankcard is fully secured. Try out our high-flying services!

Get ready

Manage your booking and access all your flight details directly. During your travel, anticipate your return fight by checking the timing and departure terminal.

Meeting postponed? Have to stay a few days longer? Change your booking on your mobile phone. Free of charge or with fees, depending on the conditions of your ticket. Let stress get on a different flight!

Check in

Use your mobile phone to check in and save time at the airport. Receive your boarding pass on your mobile phone via text-message, email or Passbook (only on iPhone) as soon as your check-in has been confirmed. No need to print it out. Simply scan the bar code that was sent to you at the airport counter.
No more time wasted queuing up at the airport!