I like knowing
what I’m flying in

For your comfort HOP! has equipped itself with a large, complementary and modern fleet of aircraft.


Almost 100 aircraft to cover France and the rest of Europe! Our fleet of 100 aircraft with 48 to 212 seats has three main types of aircraft that are ideal for short-haul flights.

  • Embraer
  • Canadair Regional Jet-Bombardier
  • ATR
  • Airbus series 320

All these aircraft feature speed, comfort and safety.
They offer extensive coverage of France with numerous connections with the rest of Europe from hubs such as Lyon.

HOP! is dedicated to constantly modernising its fleet. Its planes are five to 15 years old and older aircraft are being replaced with new ones on an ongoing basis. This means greater comfort for passengers, big fuel savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and less noise for residents near airports.


Length: 29.87 m
Wingspan: 20.04 m
Number of seats: 50
Cruising speed: 807 km/h

Length: 29.90 m
Wingspan: 26 m
Number of seats: 76
Cruising speed: 828 km/h

Length: 36.24 m
Wingspan: 28.72 m
Number of seats: 100
Cruising speed: 828 km/h


Length: 39.10 m
Wingspan: 26.20 m
Number of seats: 100
Cruising speed: 850 km/h

Length: 32.51 m
Wingspan: 23.35 m
Number of seats: 70
Cruising speed: 875 km/h


Length: 27.17 m
Wingspan: 27.05 m
Number of seats: 70 to 72
Cruising speed: 550 km/h


Length: 22.67 m
Wingspan: 24.57 m
Number of seats: 48 
Cruising speed: 550 km/h


Length: 44,51 m
Wingspan: 34,10 m
Number of seats: 200 à 206
Cruising speed: 966 km/h

Longueur : 33,84 m
Envergure : 34,10 m
Nombre de sièges : 138 à 142
Vitesse de croisière : 966 km/h