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What is the Youth Pass?
The Youth Pass gives you discounts of up to 35% on all HOP! flights. It costs €49 all taxes included. It is valid for one year and offers exclusive extras. If the Youth Pass is purchased after the holder’s 24th birthday it is valid up to the day before the holder’s 25th birthday and could therefore be valid for less than one year.
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Am I eligible for the Youth Pass?
Anyone aged 12 to 24 years of age may obtain a Youth Pass, which is then valid for trips up to the day before their 25th birthday.

How do I get a Youth Pass?
Simply fill out the online form.

How do I get the Youth Pass rate?
To get the Youth Pass rate you must be in possession of a valid Youth Pass, which you will show on your departure date at the airport

or the Youth Pass?
Yes, passengers travelling as unaccompanied minors are eligible for the Youth Pass and may use it to obtain Youth Pass fares. However, The Kids solo option must still be paid as a supplement.
Click here to find out more about the kids solo option.

I've lost my Youth Pass, can I get a new one?
Yes, you may ask for one by filling out this form. A €15 fee will be charged

What happens if I am unable to show my Youth Pass on my departure date at the airport?
A fare adjustment of 49 € corresponding to the price of the Youth Pass will be applied. You will then need to convert this credit on the youth Pass website (french only) by providing a picture and an id document to obtain your card free of charge within 3 months.

I have not yet received my Youth Pass, may I book a ticket at the Youth Pass rate?
Yes, if you have already requested the Youth Pass. You must show your valid Youth Pass on your departure date at the airport.
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