FAQ HOP! Le Pass


What are the benefits of the Pass HOP! ?

The Pass allows you to buy in advance a number of flights of your choice, at a pre-fixed price, and to choose your flight and date of departure later, as you need. This is the ideal solution for flying in France and in Europe on the HOP! And Air France destination network, at a price established at the moment of purchase, regardless of seasonal pricing aspects. The more flights included in your Pass the lower the price per flight.


Which are the settings of my Pass that I can personalize?

The Pass allows you to personalize a certain number of settings in order to meet your travel needs. The Pass provides solutions be it for solo or family trips, leisure or business trips.

The parameters you can personalize are the following:

> Destinations – Add one or several destinations to your Pass.

> Number of flights – choose between 6 to 900 flights (or 3 to 450 round trips) per passenger benefiting of the Pass. In case you wish to purchase more than 100 flights per Pass you have to add a beneficiary

> Period of travel – The period during which you can travel using your Pass. It can span between 1 and 12 months. The shorter the period the lower the price per flight.

> Beneficiary Passengers – The number of passengers allowed to use the Pass. It can be between 1 and 9 names.

The lower the number the lower the price per flight. The minimum number of flights per Pass is 4 times the number of names plus 2. For example, for a 6 or 8 flights Pass you can have 1 beneficiary passenger. Between 10 and 14 flights per Pass you can have 2 beneficiary passengers. And so forth.

> Conditions of stay – You may choose between a totally flexible Pass (no stay conditions) and a Saturday night Pass. The latter is cheaper and requires a Saturday night stay included. Once you select your option it will apply to all the flights included in the Pass.

> Early booking conditions – You agree to book your flight a certain number of days prior to the departure.

- between 90 days to 2 hours prior to departure with the Saturday night stay Pass.

- between 90 to 10 days prior to departure with the flexible Pass.

The more you anticipate your booking the less you pay. A 90 days’ anticipated booking Pass is cheaper than a 3 days’ anticipated booking one. You choose the number of anticipate booking days once for all the flights included in your Pass.

> Product types – Choose between :

- Light (carry on luggage only, unchangeable),

- Standard (checked luggage included and modifiable with fees)

- or Flex (checked luggage, SkyPriority and total flexibility).

The Standard and Flex products are available with an extra cost. Flex is available only with a 2 hours’ booking anticipation Pass.

The Pass price depends on the parameters you choose to personalize. Up to you to create the Pass that suits your needs best and allows you to save most on your travel budget.


Which are the services included in the Pass?

You may use the Pass on all HOP! and Air France European and domestic flights, in Economy class. Some European flights operated by partner airlines are also eligible, these routes will be specified at the time of purchase. For the time being you can only book round trips with the Pass, nevertheless your trip may initiate in Paris or other airport of your choice. All the usual HOP! and Air France services concerning luggage, seating or in-flight meals as well as Flying Blue advantages are applied to the flights included in your Pass. You shall be credited your Flying Blue Miles according to the class availability at the moment of your booking. The amount of Miles credited will depend on your Flying Blue status.


What does the period of travel of my Pass mean?

The period of travel is the period during which you can travel. For example if you choose a period of travel of 6 months starting the 1st of January your period of travel will span between the 1st of January and the 1st of July.


Where can I buy my Pass?

The Pass can be purchased on our website www.lepass.hop.com



What does the term “flights” mean within the Pass?

It means the number of fly « credits »you can buy. You shall use two flights, two “credits”, for each round trip you book.

You can buy between 6 and 900 flights per Pass (3 to 450 round trips) The more flights you buy the the lower the price per flight.

The Pass can be used for round trips only. No one-way flight booking is possible.


How can I use my Pass to book a flight?

In order to book a flight you have to access your account by using your username and your password, select « Book a flight », select your Pass, choose your flight, your date and your flight schedule, the passenger who will fly and confirm.

Your plane ticket will be sent to you via email.



Are there any additional fees?

The unit price per flight applies to all the flights included in the Pass. You only have to pay for the price of the Pass. There is no additional fee when you purchase on our websites lepass.hop.fr and lepass.hop.com. There is no additional fee either when you book your round trip (when you use the Pass).


Are there any fees when I use my Pass to book a flight?

No, there are no fees when you use your Pass to book a Flight.


What are my payment options?

  • You can buy the Pass with a credit or a debit card, by Paypal or by bank transfer.
  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa and Mastercard.
  • For a Pass price superior to 500 Euros a payment by installment is possible: 20% of the price will be paid at the moment of purchase and the remaining balance will be paid at each flight booking. The amount will be the unit price of the flight multiplied by the number of flights you are about to book


Can I have an invoice for the payment of the Pass?

Yes, once you have paid you can ask for your invoice online anytime.



What do you mean by « possible booking to the last available seat »?

As long as a flight is not completely booked you are guaranteed to have access to a seat on this flight at the pre-determined price you have agreed upon when you bought your Pass, for all the beneficiaries of the Pass, on condition that the parameters of your Pass are being respected.


Can I cancel my Pass after having bought it?

The purchase of the Pass cannot be canceled and is not refundable.


Can I book my Pass flights on hop.com?

No, all the flights included in the Pass are to be booked on our site www.lepass.hop.com, available on www.hop.com in the « le Pass HOP! » section.


Can I book only a one way ticket or choose later the date of my return flight?

No, all the flights included in the Pass are to be booked as round trips. One way tickets are not available. This means that you have to book both tickets together.


Is it possible to modify or cancel my booking?

  • > If you have chosen a Flex Pass you can modify or cancel your booking without charge. The flight you cancel will automatically add itself to your Pass.
  • > If you have chosen a Standard Pass you can modify the date of your trip for a 70 Euros fee. (add to that a possible additional fee if the new reservation does not meet the parameters of your Pass) To modify your reservation go to the « Book a flight » page. The new reservation will be subject to the availability of the flight and the parameters of your Pass. Reservations cannot be canceled or refunded with the Standard Pass.
  • > If you have chosen a Light Pass neither modification nor cancellation and refund are possible.             


If I buy a Pass on the 1st of January with a start date on the 1st of February and I choose a 6 months period of travel with a 30 days booking anticipation what will be my limit date for booking a flight?

  • > The period of flight starts and ends at the dates that you have chosen when you bought your Pass. In this case your period of travel spans between the 1st of February to the 1st od August. So, you can book flights that depart anytime between these two dates. (the limit dates are included in the eligible period) Nevertheless, since the anticipated booking period you have chosen is 30 days, you have to book at least 30 days before departure:
  • > Period of travel of the Pass: between the 1st of February and the 1st of August
  • > The flights have to be booked at least 30 days prior to departure
  • > In order to fly as soon as the 1st of February you have to book until the 2nd of January
  • > In order to fly the 1st of August the limit date for your booking is the 2nd of July


Can I book a flight once my period of travel is finished?

No, no flight booking is possible once the period of travel of the Pass is finished.


What happens if I haven’t used all the flights in my Pass before the end of my period of travel ?

The flights you haven’t used cannot be refunded. Nevertheless you can change the booking anticipation parameters of your Pass on condition that you pay the price difference. To do this you have to access your Le Pass account, click on « Manage my Pass» then select « Modify the period of travel ».


I have bought a Pass with a 60 days’ anticipation period. I would like to fly next week and I forgot to, book my flight. What can I do?

It is your responsibility to set a reminder 60 days before your flight. Still, it is possible to modify your booking anticipation parameter against payment of a charge. The new parameter will apply to all the remaining flights of your Pass.

For this you have to access your Pass account, click on “Manage my Pass” , then “Modify my booking anticipation” section.



Is it possible to choose my destination with the Pass?

For the time being the domestic and European destinations operated by Hop! and are available, as well as destinations operated by partners of Air France, including KLM. All these destinations are indicated at the moment of purchase of your Pass.


Is it possible to book all my flights for a unique destination even if my Pass includes several other destinations?

Yes, you can travel to all of our destinations regardless of the frequency or the choice, in the limit of the flights included in your Pass.


I have bought a one destination Pass. Is it possible to change this and add other destinations later?

Yes, you can make all the destination changes you might need after the purchase of your Pass. You shall have to pay the modification charges and the eventual difference of fare. The difference of fare will apply to all the remaining flights of your Pass. If the next destination implies a lower fare it is not possible to be refunded of the difference.

To make the destination change access your account, click on “Manage my Pass”, then “Modify the destinations”.


Do the round trips of my Pass have to initiate in Paris?

No, you can choose your initial departure airport. For example, if you have bought a 8 flights’ Pass for Nantes you can initiate your round trip in Nantes as well as in Paris. You can book a round trip Nantes-Paris or Paris-Nantes.



How can I share my Pass with others?

  • > You can choose between 1 and 9 beneficiary names to share your Pass with.
  • > The maximum number of beneficiaries is 9.
  • > The minimum number of flights that your Pass can include equals 4 times the number of beneficiaries plus 2. So, for a 6 or 8 flights’ Pass you can only have one beneficiary. For a 10 to 12 flights’ Pass you can have up to 2 beneficiaries, and so on. There are no restrictions concerning the booking: each passenger included in the Pass can travel as much or little as he wants within the number of flights included in the Pass.
  • > When you buy your Pass you have to give at least one beneficiary name. The others can be given later, when you book the flight, on condition that you do not outnumber the sum of beneficiaries you have chosen when purchasing your Pass.
  • > Each passenger can travel alone or with one or several beneficiary passengers of the Pass. The passengers travelling alone must be adults.
  • > Children between 2 and 12 years old can be added as beneficiaries but they cannot travel alone according to the unaccompanied minors policy of Air France and HOP! (UM – Kids Solo).


How can I add a new passenger’s name after the purchase of the Pass?

In order to add a beneficiary passenger to your Pass go to www.lepass.hop.fr , select « Book a flight », connect yourself to your account with your username and password, go to « Manage my Pass », « Add beneficiaries », select your Pass, enter the name and required information of each beneficiary you want to add and confirm. Make sure to enter the exact information as it appears on the passport.

If I buy a 12 flights Pass and I add 3 beneficiaries how many maximum or minimum flights of my Pass must they use?

There is no restriction as for the number of flights any of the persons included in the Pass must use. For example, if you buy a 12 flights Pass any of the beneficiaries has the possibility to use upto all the flights of the Pass as well as none at all.


Can I transfer my Pass to someone else?

No, the Pass is not transferable and cannot be used by anyone else but the buyeror the passengers registered as beneficiaries Nevertheless you can withdraw or add beneficiaries with a fee and if the maximum beneficiary number of your Pass allows it.


Is there any rebate for children under 12?

No, the Pass does not include rebates for children under 12.



Is it possible to accumulate Flying Blue Miles by using my Pass?

Yes, according to the present Flying Blue policy it is possible to accumulate Flying Blue Miles. The number of Miles credited through booking a Pass flight depends on the class available at the moment of booking. The Flying Blue Miles are to be credited to the passenger actually flying only.


Is it possible to accumulate Blue Credits by using my Pass?

Yes, according to the present Bluebiz policy it is possible to accumulate Blue Credits. In order to be credited you have to enter your Bluebiz number when you buy your Pass.


Can I use my Flying Blue Miles and/or my Blue Credits to buy a Pass?

No, the Pass cannot be bought by using Flying blue Miles or Blue Credits.


Can I use a Pass if I have a corporate account?

No, the Pass is not compatible with a corporate or Bluebiz account.



For further information about the Pass contact us at :

Optiontown Customer Care, Monday-Friday 8.30 am- 6 pm et Saturday-Sunday 10 am-2 pm

Phone :

- For regular customers : +33 (0)1 82 88 17 32

- For Travel Agents : +33 (0)1 86 26 52 78

Mail : customercare@optiontown.com

Services available in French and English only.