Our vision

By launching HOP! our objective is to provide a new transport solution linking French regions to the rest of Europe.

Our passengers’ interests are at the centre of our concerns. Our mission is to offer them an outstanding flight experience in terms of comfort, services and security.

As a regional airline company, HOP! is deeply committed to the development of our territories. We therefore intend to get closely involved in local initiatives and to form a partnership policy with local cultural and sports events.

We are also committed to following an irreproachable eco-friendly policy by encouraging and participating in various initiatives dedicated to the protection of our environment.
We are determined to meet our commitments in the future: the main concern of our company will always be good quality service, flight security, involvement in our regions and respect of the environment.

Have a nice flight.


HOP! is committed to becoming an exemplary company in matters of the environment.

For HOP, the passengers satisfaction is a major priority. That's why we take great care to the quality of our services.

Involved with numerous local events, HOP! is proud to contribute to the the regions' economic and tourism development.