In 2008, as a result of the Grenelle de l’Environnement (French summit dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development), the main French air transport companies agreed upon 3 major commitments:
- Reducing by 50% the gas emissions of new aircraft and continuing the modernization of the fleet,
- Improving the environmental performance of airports and companies in the air transport sector,
- Reducing by half the noise caused by planes flying over Paris and improving the contribution to the soundproofing of residents living close to airports.

In the same way, HOP! is committed to putting in place the necessary initiatives to control and reduce the impact of its activity on the environment.

Hop - environnement

Limiting the environmental impact of our activity

HOP is committed to complying with environmental regulation but also to going beyond strict regulatory compliance by investing in environment protection and acting in all areas possible in order to reduce its own impact.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Air transport sector is responsible for 2% of worldwide human-induced CO2 emissions,
which accounts for 1.6% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
In order to measure the impact of its activity, HOP defines its carbon footprint on a yearly basis.
The process which is officially recognized by the Ademe (French agency for environment and energy
management) enables us to identify the various actions that can be taken to reduce the origin
of greenhouse gases emissions, define priorities and set up monitoring indicators.
In addition, HOP is involved in discussions and takes part in a working group within the European programme
SESAR for the reconstruction of the European airspace.

In order to mitigate energy consumption during flights and on the ground, HOP maximises
all air operations: loading of planes, rolling with an n-1 engine, use of PRM speed for the most relevant lines,
fuel load, management of the auxiliary engines used on the ground…
The environmental performance of each product is analysed in every detail. For instance, we recently changed
the windscreen wipers of some of our Embraer aircraft for an innovative and environmentally-friendly
water drainage system.

other emissions and waste

At HOP we also strive to mitigate noise, gas emission, energy and water consumption
and waste production.

As an example, we chose for all our aircraft a cleaning technique using a cloth which requires
a minimal amount of water compared with standard aircraft cleaning methods.

Improving the life quality of residents living close to airports is also a priority for HOP.
For this reason, the company intends to further modernise its fleet, thereby reducing noise
which is the main cause of complaint for people living in the vicinity.
Maintenance areas have also been improved to reduce the noise level caused when work is being
carried out.

97% of air transport-related emissions are due to flight operations but everyday actions are also important:
carpooling, recycling, use of cleantech vehicles for maintenance, paper consumption management…
HOP involves all its employees in environmentally-friendly actions.

Acting and Protecting

HOP aims at fostering and taking part in actions that will protect the environment.
The company is involved in:

Preserving biodiversity in the vicinity of airports

Airports are protected areas and this has enabled the development of a whole range of
biodiversity that can be found no where else in France (in particular the steppes).
These forgotten spaces are of an incredible richness and remain unexplored. HOP wishes today
to bring them back into the limelight. We therefore support a project aimed at giving access to these spaces
both to scientists for biodiversity measurement purposes and to school groups.

Providing a carpooling service for passengers

HOP has decided to offer a carpooling service to its passengers. This environmentally-friendly, economic
and companionable system illustrates HOP’s involvement in environment protection and
its commitment to constantly developing new services facilitating the life of its passengers.
Thanks to its partnership with blablacar.fr, HOP will give access to this service as of 8th March 2013.