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The capital city of Savoie!

Chambéry has been the Savoie department’s administrative capital since the 13th century. A stroll through the old town will show you its impressive relics, such as the former mansions that used to belong to Savoie’s nobility.

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Chambéry offers an abundance of green areas. Some showcase beautiful statues like the Fontaine des Éléphants commemorating the Count de Boigne’s feats in India, or the La Sasson statue celebrating Savoie’s unification with France in the 18th century.
A visit to the Château of the Dukes of Savoie, built in the 11th century, will give you an opportunity to admire one of the world’s largest carillons in the château’s Sainte-Chapelle, which houses over 70 bells.


The Chambéry Savoie Mont-Blanc Handball team has played in the Lidl Star League since 1995. It is the French handball championship’s flagship club, winning the French championship in 2001, the League Cup in 2002 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. In the twenty-two seasons it has spent playing among the elite, the club has also been France’s runner-up eleven times and played in countless finals.


Chambéry and its surrounding area are located both at the heart of the alpine corridor and along the Lyon/Turin link. The town of Chambéry’s conurbation authority brings together a federation of municipalities which has Savoie’s administrative capital at its centre.
Several large firms and major manufacturing centres have chosen to locate their corporate headquarters there (e.g. Pechiney, Transalpine, Cafés Folliet, Opinel, Vetrotex).


The Count de Boigne funded the construction of a theatre in 1824, now called the Théâtre Charles Dullin after the famous Savoyard actor.
The theatre is located in the town centre and was built on the site of the former Porte de Montmélian gate that allowed access through the town’s medieval fortifications.

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