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The tip of continental Europe

Brest is at the western tip of France. A cape and a bay provide a vast naval shelter whose strategic location has long been a subject of conflicts and envy.

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If you feel the call of the open seas and when the weather is fine, then it is a unique opportunity to embark from le Conquet for the islands of Finistère: the islands of Molène and Ouessant.
Molène is an archipelago of islands between Ouessant and le Conquet, but only the largest of the islands is inhabited ... with a little more than 300 inhabitants ... and no cars.

The winds can be strong, you are here in the sea of Iroise, at the tip of Europe, and Ouessant is a small paradise.


With an excellent and safe access to the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Brest has been and still is a naval base and a major seaport. It is a city with an important military industry, a place where foreign trade and fishing play a large role.

Furthermore, Brest extends its activities in different areas ranging from research in oceanography, to electronic technology and telecommunications.


Do not leave Brest without visiting Océanopolis, a spectacular and scientific display of marine world. Its fourteen aquariums are home to over 10,000 animals.

All marine environments have been recreated, the coast of Brittany of course, but also tropical seas and the polar marine world.

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