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Cantal, the department whose capital is Aurillac, has given its name to this famous cheese which dates back to the Romans, older than Roquefort and reminiscent of Cheddar cheese. The city itself will remind of Edinburgh to the visitor.

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Auvergnate stew, truffles, Salers cheese, “fritons, all are names that evoke a feast for your taste buds.

30,000 gourmets gather in July in Aurillac for the European Taste Festival.
The highlight of the weekend is the competition of “Goudots Gourmands”.
It is a weekend of celebration also for your eyes and ears, with many music bands and a market.

Year round, the Cantal region offers cheeses, meats and dishes whose fame transcends borders.


The town concentrates 45% of the population of Cantal department.

Aurillac has turned its relative isolation into an opportunity by developing the digital economy.
Aurillac is well integrated in its geographical environment and focuses on the quality of its agricultural products.
Cantal cheese and meat from Salers are two products that can be found on all the best tables.


Aurillac has retained from its past as a garrison town a legacy of military architecture while preserving its soul. There is an abundance of cafes to refresh you in the small open squares that can be found across the town. Dominating the town, the Castle houses the Volcanoes Museum.

Nature surrounds the city. About twenty minutes from Aurillac, a discovery trail along the river Jordanne offers a challenge to amateur climbers, with ropes and via ferrata.

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