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The prune, as well as rugby or the Garonne river, is a large part of the identity of the city. Agen is proud of its heritage. Agen is the prefecture of the department of Lot-et-Garonne and is the heart of an urban area counting more than 80 000 inhabitants.


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In Agen, the tradition of playing rugby dates back to the early 20th century, when Alfred Armandie, a native boy, discovered the sport in England.

The SUA-LG, a century-old institution, remains today one of the most successful clubs in France (eight Elite League titles and a title in second division).
Many renowned members of team France have played rugby with Agen.


Located within an essentially rural and agricultural environment, the city of Agen has long drawn its wealth from the food industry.
That is why the Agropole, a food industry pool has been created in 1990, located next to the motorway exit.

However, the largest industry in Agen is the firm UPSA, a pharmaceutical laboratory, founded in.

The industrial sector is expanding in service sector and is leading the city into the twenty-first century, in particular with the recent creation of a university.


Beyond a rich cultural program throughout the year, the summer offers many dance festivals and theater.
It ends in early September by the Grand Pruneau Show with concerts, street parades and events.

The traditional fair of Agen is held each mid-September.
For over 350 years, it has been a reflection of society and its development, and also leaves room for innovation.

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