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    Please note that you will be asked to present one of the following documents when boarding: family record book or official document testifying filiation, PACS certificate, cohabitation certificate, joint lease or property deed, joint cheque book.

    The first HOP flights start on March 31st. You can check-in online 30 hours before your flight.

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Flying with Pets

HOP: A pet-friendly airline!

Because pets are the most loyal of friends, you want them to be part of your journey. You can rest assured that they will also benefit from the best flight conditions.

pet flight

Prepare your flight with a pet

For travelling with a pet, please contact our booking service at +33 1 72 95 33 33. Be ready for check-in with your pet at least one hour before departure time.

To have a worry-free flight with your pet, do not forget to:

Prepare your pet's documents

Present your pet’s vaccination card when checking in. Your pet will need to be tattooed or identified by a microchip.

deal with its stress

Exercise your pet prior to the flight for a more peaceful travel.

anticipate hunger

Don't forget to bring some snacks for your pet.

think about its comfort

Put your pet in a closed but well-ventilated travel container enabling it to stand up and turn around.
Have a well-adapted travel container which meets specific required standards for any flight, whether in the cabin or in the baggage hold. Please contact your veterinary or pet-shop prior to your travel to get relevant information on the best adapted containers.

Small pets

Are allowed in the cabin:
- Dogs and cats under 8 kg only (including the travel container)
- Guide or assistance dogs, regardless of their weight.


It is essential that you provide a container meeting very specific required standards (cage or well adapted bag) for your pet’s travel.

The passenger must place the container at his feet , total 3 dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm ( recommended dimensions : 46L x 24H x 28l ).
The total weight of the animal and the container must not exceed 8 kilos. Only one animal is allowed per container and per customer.

Conditions for accepting brachycephalic (flat-nosed) dogs and cats:
Because of high temperatures and stress, animals with flat noses, such as carlins, boxers, bulldogs or pekinese and Persian cats could experience breathing difficulties during the flight. The compressed shape of their noses could block their respiratory tracts and endanger their lives in the thin air of a plane.
Dog and cat owners must consult their veterinarians before boarding a flight with their dog.


The fees for a single flight for any pet travelling in the cabin is 30 € on all national flights, 55€ from or to another country of Europe, payable directly at the airport only, prior to each travel.

Bigger pets

Transport in the baggage hold is compulsory for cats and dogs over 8 kg.


The passenger must prepare the transport of his animal, based on these precise specifications:
• The pet carrier, provided by you, must consist of a rigid fibreglass or plastic "shell"
with at least two door-closing systems.
• In ATR planes the pet carrier must be no larger than 92x61x66 cm (commonly called a n°2 cage).
• On CRJs and E-Jets, the pet carrier must be no larger than 102x67x77cm (commonly called a n°4 cage).
• The animal and pet carrier combined must weigh no more than 75 kg.

For it's own comfort, the animal must not be taken on board in an unauthorised pet carrier.
You may find all authorised pet carriers that are suited for your companion at Air France's online shop.

Transport brachycephalic (flat-nosed) dogs and cats is NOT ALLOWED in the hold of HOP! planes.
These include carlins, boxers, bulldogs and pekinese and persan cats.


The fees for a single ticket for any pet travelling in the hold amounts to 60 € on national flights, 100€ from or to another country of Europe, payable directly at the airport only, prior to each flight.

animaux en soute