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Nantes flights

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The western frontier city of France

The city of Nantes used to be home to the Dukes of Brittany, and is now the heart of metropolitan area of more than 800,000 inhabitants. It has been voted by Time magazine as the most livable town in France. You will find as much pleasure visiting the castle of the Dukes of Brittany as in wandering through the streets.

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Nantes Atlantique
NTE Aéroport
44346  Bouguenais
+33 892 56 88 00

Weather / Sunday 23 April


17 °C


Humidity: 34%



7° - 19°



1° - 13°


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Founded in 1943 by Marcel Saupin, the Nantes professional Football Club has one of the best track records in the history of French football, with no less than eight championship titles and three titles in the Coupe de France.

They owe their nickname of “Canaries” to their bright yellow jerseys.

This club is also known for developing a new style of play from the 60s, still called "game à la Nantaise".

Nantes is leading the way for the western regions of France.
Unemployment remains below the national average, and Nantes and its urban area have created more than 60 000 jobs over the past ten years.

Nantes is ranked in 3rd place in France for innovation, behind Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg, and holds the title of European Green Capital, for its well-managed public transportation network and its effort to reduce CO² emissions.

The Carnival of Nantes celebrates mid-Lent and is one of the oldest in the world.

It is also the second Carnival in France with regard to the number of spectators.

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