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Mulhouse-Basel flights

Trains, automobiles, and 3 country borders!

Located at the borders of Alsace and Switzerland, Mulhouse will undoubtedly charm you with its pedestrian town centre, its colourful façades and numerous museums relating to the city’s rich industrial past.



Do you speak Mulhouse ?

That little extra


Three first class museums ought to be on your agenda for your stay in Mulhouse:

- “La Cité du Rail”, (French Railway Museum),is the largest railway museum in Europe. It has the only comprehensive collection of the history of French railways.
- "Cité de l'Automobile", is the largest car museum in the world with over 450 cars from close to hundred manufacturers. It keeps the largest and most precious Bugatti collection in the world.
- "Electropolis", is the most important museum in Europe dedicated to electrical energy.


Mulhouse is part of the space bounded by a Pentagon: London-Paris-Milan-Munich-Hamburg. This area corresponds to 20% of the area of the European Union and produces half of Europe’s GDP.

The town has a valuable human, technical and scientific potential and displays a diversified economy: nearly 230 foreign companies are located in southern Alsace.

The town has an international airport, waterways, the East European TGV and the TGV Rhine-Rhône.


Each period of history has made its mark through a neighbourhood or an architectural detail:

-Middle Ages: The tower of Bollwerk, built in the 14th century, and part of the city ramparts.

-Renaissance: The Town Hall, built in 1552 in Renaissance style, is one of the finest Mulhouse's architectural heritages.

-The 19th century industrial era: The Lowenfels House, one of the most beautiful mansions of the city, "Place de la Bourse" and Saint-Etienne’s Church .

once there

Airport :

Aéroport international Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

68300 Saint-Louis

Phone :

03 89 90 31 11