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Tarbes Lourdes flights

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City and surroundings are miraculous.

Lourdes is the top pilgrimage destination in France and one of the most visited in the world. Leaning against the Pyrenees, Lourdes is not only a religious city, the countryside is also worth visiting.

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Lourdes Pyrénées
Aéroport de Tarbes - Lourdes - Pyrénées
65290  Juillan
+33 5 62 32 92 22

Weather / Tuesday 27 June


17 °C


Humidity: 94%



12° - 22°


Sun and rain

10° - 17°

Lourdes vierge enfant

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Lourdes ?

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Water, rock or light are symbols intimately linked to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette, the young maid.
These symbols are universal and can be found in other cultures and religions. This is why Lourdes is equally attractive to so many people.

Pilgrims, visitors and tourists from around the world travel to Lourdes to discover this site.

It is not common to see so many people from different backgrounds but with a common goal: the search for spirituality.

The economy of Lourdes is based primarily on tourism and pilgrimage and secondarily on commercial and industrial activities.

The total hotel and private rooms capacity is about 33,700 beds, which puts the city in second place nationally. Annual attendance is approximately 5 million visitors.

Because of its history, the region has a large number of religious sites that can be visited, such as:

• Church of Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre; one of the oldest in the region,
• Sanctuary of Betharram; a Marian shrine of the 17th century and masterpiece of Baroque art in Béarn,
• Shrine of Our Lady of Garraison; a Marian shrine of the 16th century.

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