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    Would you like to get our family fare?

    Please note that you will be asked to present one of the following documents when boarding: family record book or official document testifying filiation, PACS certificate, cohabitation certificate, joint lease or property deed, joint cheque book.

    The first HOP flights start on March 31st. You can check-in online 30 hours before your flight.

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    30 hours prior to departure :

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Prior to your departure

Formalities, check-in, boarding…our tips and advice before your departure.

Make sure you have a valid ID document.

As a reminder, only official documents with a valid photograph will be accepted for identification. Hence, only passports and ID cards are authorized. Family record books, charity, club membership cards or travel cards will not be considered as relevant ID documents.
Foreign nationals must be in possession of a passport as residents’ permits alone will not be accepted. This document will be required both when checking in and boarding.
Please note that as of 15 January 2017, authorization to leave the country (known as an AST) will be necessary for a child to leave France without his or her parents. Depending on the destination country, the unaccompanied minor must be in possession of the below 3 documents:
- A national ID card or an individual passport (with a visa, if applicable) - The permet to travel form "l'autorisation de sortie du territoire" (in French) signed by a prent with parental authority - A photocopy of a valid identity document (or expired for less than 5 years) of the parent who provided his or her signature
For foreign nationals, if you want to learn more about formalities, you may check out the official website of the French administration

Arrive on time

We also advise you to make sure that you know and respect your exact departure time in order to board easily.



Please check in for your flight 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Checking in is an essential step for confirming that you intend to board your flight and for obtaining your boarding pass. The check-in deadline is the time after which you may no longer check in or drop off your baggage.

Note: effective 3 November 2016, the check-in deadlines have changed on short-haul flights, to make things simpler and to improve on-time performance.

Here are the check-in deadlines for short-haul flights (in minutes prior to the departure of your flight):

- From all airports in France (except Paris CDG) to other airports in France: 30 minutes
- From Paris CDG to other airports in France: 40 minutes
- From airports in France (except Paris) to European cities: 40 minutes
- From airports in Europe to airports in France (except Paris): 30 minutes

Keep in mind

There is no change to boarding times. You still must report to your boarding gate no later than 15 minutes prior to the departure of your flight (once you have checked in and dropped off your bag).

If your child is travelling alone, you must report with him/her to the check-in counter no later than 30 minutes prior to the deadline for checking in for your flight.



Please remember to present your boarding pass and your ID card or passport to our cabin crew.

Be aware that if the boarding gate is closed when you arrive, we will not be able to let you on board.

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