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Dusseldorf flights

A small Paris in Germany!

Dusseldorf is the Capital of fashion in Germany; the city is to ready-to-wear what Paris is to haute couture.


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Do you speak Dusseldorf ?

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You will find a relaxing atmosphere in the beautiful parks of the city, for example the "Hofgarten" or Lantz'schen park, landscaped in the English garden way.

Over all, Nordpark is probably the most beautifully landscaped park of the city, where fields of flowers and a Japanese Garden create a harmonious relationship between nature and recreation.

But the best way to relax is to sit still in front of an "Altbier" (high fermentation beer) on the Burgplatz.


Capital of fashion in Germany, Dusseldorf is also home to the headquarters of many companies.

Chemistry is present with Henkel, energy with E.ON AG, and telecommunications with Vodafone or air transportation with LTU.

The city counts about 5,000 foreign companies, including 450 American and 250 French.


The old town district is very popular and attracts many tourists with its picturesque streets... and becomes particularly lively during the carnival.

Culture lovers as well will feel at home here as Düsseldorf offers to the visitor many museums, galleries and old churches.

once there

Airport :

Flughafenstraße 120

40474 Düsseldorf

Phone :

+49 2 11 42 10