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Castres flights

Where tradition meets modernity!

In this city where rugby is a tradition, at the foot of the Black Mountains, Place Jean Jaurès welcomes you into the excitement of its famous markets.


Castres vaches peintres

Do you speak Castres ?

That little extra


The development of Castres in the 17th century brought wealth and power, as evidenced by the majestic mansions and hotels: Hotel Jean Leroy, Nayrac Hotel, Hotel or Hotel Viviès Poncet.

These homes of artisans, remarkably preserved, and dating back to the Middle Ages, were homes for artisans of various trades, tanners, dyers...


Castres is at the center of a labor market which is the second industrial center of the Midi-Pyrénées region, characterized by a high density of SMEs. There, alongside traditional industries (textiles, leather, stone work, wood) new industries have established their presence (pharmacy, chemistry, food). This has led to the industrial development of a dynamic service sector in business services (IT, insurance, banking...).


The city of Castres houses the 2nd largest museum in France dedicated to Spanish painting: Goya Museum. It is located in a part of the former bishop’s palace of Castres whose plans were designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the architect of Versailles. This place is unique in its kind and has become a reference for assessing the artistic creation in Spain, from the antiquity period to the 20h century.

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Airport :

Le Causse

81290 Labruguière

Phone :

+33 5 63 70 34 77