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Caen flights

The city with 100 bell towers !

Caen, the City of William the Conqueror, has also been at the center of the battle of Normandy. It is an extremely moving experience to walk on the nearby Normandy Landings beaches and to reflect on what the world might be like today without the bravery and victory of those landings.


Caen débarquement calva

Do you speak Caen ?

That little extra


Caen is not short of arguments in renewed perspectives.
A lifestyle environment of high quality extends from the city center to the coast groves nearby.
A transportation network of good quality is an excellent argument for this regional capital.

Now organized in conurbation with the neighboring municipalities (population 220,000), the “Grand Caen" urban area is expanding, bringing together more than a third of the population of Lower Normandy.


Nicknamed city of William the Conqueror but also “city of a hundred bell towers”, Caen has a rich religious heritage dating back to the tenth century with the churches of Old Saint-Etienne, or Saint-Sauveur.

You should not miss a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and its collection of European paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Normandy Museum will invite you to extend your stay and explore the region, its seaside resorts, and the Normandy landing beaches.

once there

Airport :

Route de Caumont

14650 Carpiquet

Phone :

+33 (0)2 31 71 20 10