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Bastia flights

The most Corsican of all Corsican cities

Bastia has the charm of old Mediterranean towns and you will never get tired of walking through its streets and of enjoying the atmosphere of Corsica, the island of Beauty!


Visiter Bastia

Do you speak Bastia ?

That little extra


“Place Saint Nicolas” is the privileged town square where citizens of Bastia meet and socialize.
In the morning on the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville (city hall) or on Market Place you will find the renowned Corsican meat and produce.

After a walk near the old port, extend your discovery with some shopping on Napoleon Street.

Other wonders include the numerous churches of Bastia, constructed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and decorated in pure and rich Baroque style.


The geographical situation of Bastia is great for outdoor activities.

The sea, ever present, makes it a favourite spot for scuba diving, water skiing, fishing ...

The hills and mountains surrounding the city of Bastia, where bush and gardens mingle orderly are ideal for hikers and bikers equally.


A land of shepherds, Corsica has always produced a variety of cheeses (goat and sheep).

As an island, self-sufficiency has been a way of life for centuries, preserving the food for winter was a must, therefore Corsica has developed its unique and typical food.
Do not hesitate to ask for its delicatessen, in Corsican language: prizuttu, coppa, sausage, and lonzu figatellu, but also delicious pastries (fiadone, pastissiu, canistrelli) and vegetables: zucchini brocciu, panzarotti.

once there

Airport :

Aéroport international de Bastia - Poretta

20290 Lucciana

Phone :

+33 (0)4 95545454